About the Mineral Springs (Heated)

About the Mineral Springs (Heated)

Bathe in Melbourne's only Hot Mountain Mineral Springs 45 minutes from the city

Our mountain mineral spring water has filtered into the Dandenong Ranges aquifer from as high as 633 metres above sea level through faults and fractures over a period of many years. This water absorbs minerals from rocks and mineral deposits.The mountain spring water contains 1260 mg/l of naturally dissolved solids. (For a definition of filtrations hot spring see: www.eytonsearth.org)

Water is drawn from an underground spring on the property and is pumped to the surface from a depth of approximately 80 metres. The water is then heated to a comfortable bathing temperature of between 37 – 40 degrees.(Bathing above 40 degrees may cause serious health implications).  For purposes of hygiene the latest water quality management system has been installed. (Unless water in spas and pools is treated correctly bathers are exposed to germs and pathogens)

Chemical analysis of the mountain mineral water

SGS Environmental Services  April 2008 (All units are in milligrams per litre)

PH Level 7.0    
Sodium 230   Salt soaks have been known to relieve symptoms of arthritis.
Chloride 620   Musculoskeletal benefits.
Calcium 210   Vital for the growth and maintenance of bones.
Magnesium 34   Maintains normal heart rhythms; converts blood sugar to energy; maintains muscle tissue and hormone levels.
Sulphate 24   Rids the body of toxins; promotes the health of bone, hair, nails, fluids in joints and vertebral discs; Sulphur is an anti-inflammatory.
Potassium 3.6   Assists in the normalization of heart rhythms; assists in reducing high blood pressure; helps to eliminate body toxins and promotes healthy skin.
Iron 3.4   Builds up the quality of blood; increases resistance to stress and disease. Prevents fatigue and promotes good skin tone.


Contra-indications to Hot Mineral Spring Water Therapy

Soaking in mineral waters should not be done at excessively high temperatures without medical clearance when any contraindicated condition exists. A tepid to warm bath (35° C - 37° C) is as safe as taking a bath at home. Bathing is not advised if you have any of the conditions listed below. Please see your medical practitioner if in doubt.

  • Conditions involving high fevers
  • Extreme Hypertension
  • Malignant tumours and cancerous conditions (internal)
  • Liver, kidney, or circulation disorders
  • Conditions presenting the risk of haemorrhaging
  • Anaemic Conditions
  • Pregnancy
  • Congestive heart failure, recent stroke, or recent heart attack
  • Bathing under the influence of drugs or alcohol
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