Day Bathing Package

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Girl in Mineral Pool          Spa de Marrakech Couples Treatment Room 

Private Bathe Outdoor                                                         private outdoor bathe & Massage                                       

60 minutes $99 pp                                                                    60 mins outdoor bathe & 50 mins massage $229                                                       

90 minutes $149                                                              60 mins outdoor bathe & 50 mins massage & Yum Cha Lunch                                                                                                                                                                                                             All days $249   

Indoor Bathing          Couples Massage 

Private Indoor Bathing                                                                        Private Indoor Bathing and Massage Packages              

60 mins Monday - Thursday $149                                              60 mins indoor Bathe & 50 mins massage $279

60 mins Friday - Sunday $170                                          60 mins indoor bathe & 50 mins massage & Mezze lunch $338 


Mineral Springs                                                                               

Our mountain mineral spring water has filtered into the Dandenong Ranges aquifer over a period of many years. This water absorbs minerals from rocks and mineral deposits.   Water is drawn from an underground spring on the property and is pumped to the surface from a depth of approximately 80 metres. The water is then heated to a comfortable bathing temperature of between 37 – 40 degrees. 

  • Your totally private bathing space is within a walled Japanese or tropical garden you cannot be seen by anyone else.. this is totally private outdoor bathing, swimwear is optional (not offered elsewhere in Victoria)
  • Giant umbrellas cover the pool and pod from sun and rain
  • Towels and water provided free of charge
  • This area contains a shower, changing area, outdoor heating, soothing background music and relaxation pod
  • Park within 10 metres of bathing area     


Luxury Accommodation in the Dandenong Ranges

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