From the time of its inception, Japanese Mountain Retreat recognised and planned for the need to become an environmentally sustainable retreat to this end the following measures have been implemented:

Additional Plantings

Japanese Mountain Retreat Mineral Springs and Spa is situated on a 1.2hectare site in Montrose Victoria. Much of the original vegetation has been maintained to create a habitat for wildlife and plant species. In addition, more than 200 native and indigenous plants have been planted in areas devoid of flora to re-vegetate the site. Thirty native Lilly Pilly plants were planted on the northern boundary in February 2008 and eighteen in September 2008. Over 600 trees, plant and shrubs have been planted since November 2005.


Mulching of the garden and borders occurs every four months to reduce evaporation and to provide plants with nitrogen and conserve water.

Bamboo Plantings and CO2

Over 282 bamboo plants have been planted over the last five years. Recent research shows that one mature bamboo plant has the ability to absorb 0.5 tons of Co2 annually. On current energy consumption this means that our business may be carbon neutral.

Independent water supply

Water Bore was established in December 2007. Sunk to a depth of 100 meters, the bore provides for present and hopefully future water requirements for the garden and ponds.

Constructed Wetland Reedbed

In December 2008 construction was completed of a state of the art waste water treatment plant designed to treat the entire waste water output from existing buildings. As part of our strategy to put all available waste water to good use we have built a 'Constructed Wetland'. This wetland has been designed to accommodate the waste water generated by the existing buildings as well as that of the proposed wellness retreat due to begin construction in 2011.

The benefits of a constructed wetland:

Highly effective at waste water treatment Achieve stringent water quality stands with BOD removal of 85% and coli form removal of 95% Effective removal of nitrogen and phosphorous Used world wide to protect ground water and surface water resources Simplicity of design results in low operation and maintenance requirements Wetland vegetation used in the system give them the appearance of a flower garden The flowering areas of the wetlands provide a natural habitat for birds and other forms of wildlife

Additional sustainable practices initiated within the last 18 months

Goal   Strategy   Outcome
Sustain landscapes   Use of recycled grey water from spas   Reduction in demand for irrigation of gardens
Minimise water consumption   Harvest rainwater from buildings
Installation of five additional water tanks
  More rainwater harvesting capability
Reduce carbon imprint   Replace all interior light fittings with energy efficient lighting   Reduction in electricity consumed
Reduce carbon imprint   Use of timers for all exterior lighting   Reduces consumption of electricity
Protect the local environment from chemical damage   Use of eco-friendly products e.g. washing powder, detergents and fertilisers   Reduction in environmental damage, e.g. soil, plants
Minimize damage caused by chemicals   Use of 100% natural products, for spa and beauty treatments   Treatments that are extremely high quality, and non damaging to the guest, staff and environment
Contribute to local business environmental sustainability and support the growth and development of sustainable tourism   Shire of Yarra Ranges Business Sustainability Program Involvement February 16th 2009. Identify initiatives which best contribute to environmentally sustainable tourism   Contributions and advice from local businesses benefit this business.
Information regarding our own sustainability program shared with others.
Certificate of leadership
Awareness of government policies and developments regarding sustainablility   E: Bulletin sustainability
  Up to date with best practice and benchmarks
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